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Shazand Petrochemical Company

Shazand Petrochemical Company is a public company

About Shazand Petrochemical Company

Shazand Petrochemical Company has established as Grass rot complex for the production of different petrochemical products such as Plastics, Synthetic rubber and other chemical from naphtha as feedstock.
The total saleable annual production capacity of the complex presently is 620000 tons achieved in eighteen production plant to serve domestic market as well as exported to the global market. The production of the Complex by adopting the advanced and modern technologies are tailored to meet the internationally acceptable application grades and purities both for polymers and chemical products, which are furnished in this brochure. Shazand Petrochemical Company is holding the ISO 90001-Version 2000, ISO 14001-2004 and OHSAS 18001-1999 certificates

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Company activities

According to constitution Article 2 ; the company activities subject is construction of petrochemical complex is intended for some activity in fields of petrochemical, chemical and related industries, extraction and production of materials and petrochemical products such as CFO / HPG / C6 CUT (Olefins ), C4-cut / Butene – 1 (C4-Cut / But- 1 ) , ( Polyethylene(PE ),Polypropylene (PP) , Butadiene ( BR), Poly Butadiene ( PBR ), Acetic Acid (AA), Vinyl Acetate monomer ( VAM ) , Ethylene Oxide and Ethylene Glycols ( EO/EG ), 2- Ethyl Hexanol / normal Butanol /ISO Butanol ( OXO Alcohol ) ,Ethanol Amines ( EA ) Butachlore / Alachlore

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  • Perform all operations directly or indirectly beneficial or necessary to achieve of company objectives that are necessary


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Basic Products

Polymer products

High density polyethylene

Low density polyethylene

Poly butadiene rubber

Chemical Products

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