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Nirumand Polymer

Nirumand Polymer is an Engineering Plastic Compounding Company based in Tehran, Iran.

We produce a wide range of PE ,PP and PA compounds .


You can see some of our products briefly as below:


1)     PE+CC PE films, packaging, shopping bags, garbage bags, disposable table sheets.

2)     PP+CC  Garden furniture, home appliances, kitchenware, sanitary products, woven bags, PP hollow sheets, etc.

3)     PP+Talc Automotive industry, inner and outer parts, and industrial plastic parts.

4)     PP+GF Industrial parts, automotive parts, and home appliances.

5)     PP/EPDM  Automotive parts such as bumpers, dashboard, etc.

6)     PA+GF Industrial and electrical parts.


Contact Information:

Address: Abbas Abbas Industrial zone- Tehran- Iran

Website : www.Npolymer.Com

Tel: +98 2136425174 EXT: 111

Fax: +98 2136425178

Telegram & WhatsApp: +98 9018331275


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