//Kajaran Specialized Industrial Complex

Kajaran Specialized Industrial Complex

KAJARAN Industrial complex is a famous brand in polymer and extruder field in Iran which has been founded in March (1996) by Yeros Ebrahimi.

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This Company early would work on producing hydraulic jacks and different screws and barrels for extrusion extruders and injection molding machines. After obtain great experiments, knowledge, and with having technical staff, the single screw extruders in size of 25 to 120 mm were introduced by KAJARAN. After that, Earlier 1999, it started to manufacturing of the PE, PP pipe extrusion line downstream (D: 16-63 mm), that this process was continued until 2001 and the PE and PP pipe extrusion line downstream was made to a 400 mm at this period.
In 2002 it via thoroughbred engineering and design group and technical staff started to generate of extruders in compounding and recycling respect in strand and water-ring pelletizing systems.
Since KAJARAN had been known all over Iran, earlier 2006 modified the extruders in terms of energy dissipation and economic providence that result introduces KEX series of single screw extruders. Late of this year, Due to lack of space because of development of various units (such as machining, screw & barrel, forging, assembly, design and ministerial departments) and for extol his products, new factory in 10000 square meters was created. Since this project, it added the designing and fabricating of sheet extrusion lines based on PE/PP/PS/ABS which is used in disposal containers and different industrials, to his products list.


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Kajaran Products

Polyethylene Pipe Production Lines:16~125

Polyethylene Pipe Production Lines:140~400

Polypropylene PP pipe Line

Rigid P.V.C Pipe Line

Special 70 cm Width Sheet Production Line


PET sheet production line

Sheet Production Line

Granulation Production Lines

P.V.C Profile Production Line

Co-rotating twin screw extruders

KAJARAN conical twin screw extruder

laboratory co- rotating twin screw extruder

KEX Series Extruders


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