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Jam Petrochemical Company

Jam Petrochemical Company (private joint stock) got registered under No. 32285 in Companies Registration Department in Aug 30, 2000. The legal personality of the company was altered from’ the private joint stock to the public joint stock’ on the basis of extraordinary general meeting dated Sep 15, 2008. At present, JPC owns about %75 of the total shares of Jam Polypropylene Company and %100 shares of Sana’t-karan Jam Company with sum 4800 billion RLS. As per approval of board of directors, the execution of tenth Olefin project from the plans of the third five-year development plan for development of petrochemical industries in pre-utilization stage was bestowed to Jam Petrochemical Company (private Joint Stock) since Aug 30, 2000. 

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In order to achieve some goals of the industrial development of Iran, the main targets and objectives of the plan have been listed as follow:

  1. boosting financial income as well as promotion of scientific, technical, economical and social knowledge level of the country;
  2. Development of oil export and petrochemical products and increasing the relative market share in regional and global market;
  3. Optimum utilization of hydrocarbon resources and thus leading to creation of more added value;
  4. Promotion of technical knowledge level in engineering and equipment manufacturing field;
  5. Job creation to soar employment levels;
  6. Enhancement of national executive power.

Based on of the final investigation of the approved budget, the total investment on administration of the overall project has been estimated to hit $1585 million dollars and Rls 11185 billion (Iranian domestic currency).

Position in the Industry

Jam Petrochemical Company, in terms of capacity, stands first in Iran & is one of the largest petrochemical producers of in the world. This complex enjoys some unique features which makes it unique in Islamic republic of Iran’s economy:

  1. Jam petrochemical olefin unit to produce a capacity of 1,320,000 tons of ethylene and 306,000 tons of propylene per year is one of the largest olefin units in the country and the world. State of the art technologies are utilized in the manufacture of this unit and global scale are also observed in capacity selection.
  2. A unique feature of Jam Petrochemical Complex Olefin unit, compared to other units, is its high capacity of production and the possibility of utilization of dual-purposes furnaces to enable to use both gas and liquid feed.
  3. HDPE Unit of Jam Petrochemical Company to produce 300,000 tons annually is one of largest polymer units in Iran. In addition to producing the 26 main grids, this unit is able to produce black, yellow, blue and normal grids. These features of products are distinctive in it the country as well as in the world.
  4. LLDPE Unit of Jam Petrochemical Company to produce 300, 000 tons of products, is one of the largest units in the polymer. The extruder capacity in this unit is 42 tons per hour and it has the ability to produce more than 54 different grids of products.
  5. Butadiene Unit to produce a capacity of 115,000 tons stands unique unit in Iran, in terms of production, purity degree and product quality in the country.


On the occasion of top 100 Iranian companies, JPC stood at the 27th rank. Only Persian Gulf Holding and Noori Petrochemical company had better ranking in the petrochemical companies group. Persian Gulf Holding is a group of 16 petrochemical companies and allocated the 3rd rank to itself. Noori petrochemical company was ranked 16th due to its high profit and products diversity. Bandar e Emam and Maroun petrochemical companies were ranked 28 and 30th, respectively. Iran’s top 100 companies list includes 15 petrochemical firms.

Position in Stock Market

JPC was first listed in Tehran Stock Exchange in November 2010 and its equities were offered to public in 2012 in the second market of Fara Bourse. In terms of value and volume of traded shares, JPC stays in the 4th position in petrochemical companies group. Considering young presence of the company in stock market, this ranking represents brilliant hopes and positive attitude of market activists.

Jam in Global Market

In the field of polymeric products, JPC is considered as one of the largest exporters. In HDPE products group, the company stays at first place. Almost 80% of its products are exported to 20 countries across the world. China is one of the main destinations for the JPC’s products. Except China, Turkey, Pakistan, CIS countries, European and South American countries are other export destinations. It is expected that the company can have a major role in African market as well. During recent years, CIS countries share raised from 1% to 3% and for the Turkish market, it rose to 10% from 4%.


JPC is considered as one of the largest producers of chemical and polymeric products in Iran and owns production lines of Olefin, LLDP and HDPE, Butadiene and Butene-1. Company’s registered capital reaches to about 170 million USD. It owns 49% of Jam Poly Propylene Co., 100% of Jam Sanat Karan, 100% of Tapco Co. and 25% of Gohar Ofogh Industrial Park’s share.
Other advantages of JPC are:

  1. Annual production capacity of 1,320,000 MT of ethylene and 306,000 MT of propylene, which makes it as one of the largest of its kind in the world. One of the unique specifications of this unit, is its high production capacity and possibility of utilization of dual furnaces that makes it capable of using both gas and liquid feedstock.
  2. HDPE unit’s capacity reaches to 300,000 MT, annually. This unit, along with capability of producing 26 main grades, is also capable of production of black, yellow, blue and normal grades which is an exclusive advantage of the company in Iran.
  3. JPC is the largest petrochemical plant of the region in terms of personnel number and export rate.


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