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The huge oil and gas reserves in the Persian Gulf, whose major part are in Iran’s territorial waters under the name of South Pars Gas field, drawn the attention of the country’s officials in the oil and petroleum industry, particularly Iran’s National Petrochemical Company (NPC), to focus on restoring these resources and investing in this offshore field. Therefore, the construction of 17 petrochemical complexes in the field was put on Iran Oil Ministry’s agenda. Consequently, petrochemical companies were broadly offered to the private sector by NPC.

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Our Mission
To produce high quality petrochemical products (ethylene, polyethylene, and …) in a healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly manner through optimizing resource management, enhancing human capital, and satisfying the needs of all interested parties.

Our Vision
(By 2022)
We are constantly focusing on gaining a competitive advantage over the company’s world –class rivals, being superior at safety, enhancing and making sustainable profit.

Our Values
Production in a safe & sustainable environment
Customer’s satisfaction
Respect for employees
Result-oriented tasks and plans

ASPC receives feedstock from Pars Petrochemical Company, which is Ethane. Ethane enters C2cracking plant which has an input capacity of 1267 k tons per annum. The output is 1000k tons Ethylene, 90ktons C3+ and 1k ton hydrogen per annum.
C3+ and hydrogen are transferred to other units. 300 kilo tons of Ethylene produced in cracking units is used to produce LDPE and 300 kilo ton is used to produce MD/HDPE. The products are then packed and ready for market.
The LDPE and HDPE have a vast use in the industry. It is used for cables industry, making dishes, films, pipes, etc to name a few. 225k ton Ethylene is exported and 175 kilo ton is sent to EB/SM plant of Pars Petrochemical Co. as feedstock

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LD Polyethylene

MD & HD Polyethylene



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